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Thread: Opinions?

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    Question Opinions?

    First off i am 18 years old i will be 19 this june and i have been lifting since my sophmore year in highschool. I have been debating on whether to take a cycle or not. There is some heart problems in the family but i have normal blood pressure and a healthy heart but i still want to be careful so i was wondering if this would be a safe, but good first cycle. I weigh like 205 and im 5'10. I just want to add a little mass and cut up a little at the same time. I know i shouldnt expect much from a cycle like this but with the heart conditions in my family i have to be careful.

    Pimobolan Depot 200mg a week
    Deca 400mg a week

    For 10 weeks

    Also would i need clomid or any post cycle therapy thanks.

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    here is your recomended cycle. At ur age you eat one of these a day along with a few pounds of chicken breasts, some veggies and friuts, protein shakes, and incorperate H.I.T. training and ull get ur 10 lb of mass and strength. Now go train! (no a.s. till ur 21)
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    I agree you are still to young, you have a lot more natural gains to make. Don't go for the juice untill your test levels start to stay constant or come down. 21-22.


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