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    clearwater fla

    2nd cycle any thoughts

    i am 37 6'3 212 cutting to 205 from 228
    due limited supply resources i would like to do

    1-10 400 test cyp
    1-10 400 deca
    7-10 30mg winny tablets
    12-15 100 clomid
    30 of winny oral wont be damaging to my liver???

    my first cycle was just test cyp 2000 over 7 weeks gained 20lbs
    lots of water i am sure, did gain 1/2 inch on arms

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    So should run 300mg clomid day 1, 100mg for 10days and then 50mg for 10days. As far as the actual cycle, I would do test tren and winny. Or at least run EQ instead of deca IMHO. Running Milk thistle and ALA with your cycle will help with your liver. It is generally recommended 500mg Test, but 400 would be fine.

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    If your cutting you I would use EQ instead of Deca . Funny thing with winny is that it doesnt matter if it is injected or taken orally. Both are aa17 however some people will say that orally they are a lil more harsh on your liver than being injected. Good luck

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    i would agree with chris on the clomid. ALso you might want to substitute the test cyp for something like Fina, or Test Prop. And replace the deca with eq. I got the impression you are trying to cut up. and for the winnie 30mg is really a low dosage. Not bad but a bit low. Try to bunk up up to 40mg at least, 50mg would be great as well. ALso take some Milk Thistler, and ALA

    weeks 1-10 EQ
    weeks 1-5 Test Prop
    weeks 7-13 winni
    weeks 7-13 fina ED

    I say eq 1-10 because you said you have limited supply. running eq for longer would be better. Most people run it anywhere from 1-12 weeks/1-15 weeks at 400mg. Test prop will give you a good jumpstart and good amount of power to start of the cycle with less bloat more quality. In the end winni and fina for the power and hard muslce mass will be a good finish and don't foget to start the clomid in the end of the cycle. if anyone has anything better please post your ideas

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    Definately bump the test to 500mg. Especially if your gonna keep the deca . I agree with chris in running EQ at 400mg/wk for 10wks instead of deca. Also bump the winny to 50mg/ED(your gonna be glad you did) wks 7-12 so that your cycling up until post cycle clomid. Start clomid wk13: 300mg/1st day; 100mg/ED days 2-10; 50mg/ED days 11-20. Also a liver protectant as stated above. Good luck.

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    well the guy s are right ,but if u allready have the gear ,then it look godd biti would run the winny 10 -13 the start cxlomid right after .30 mg.i would surely get more wwinny and run it 4 weeks ,and 50 mg ed is ideal .no it wont damage ur liver it is 17 alk but on the mild side ,not nearly as toxic as dbol .

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