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    !!!PLEASE Give me your suggestions!!!!!!!

    I've been lifting for 6-7 years, weigh 240 14%BF, and this will be my first cycle. I plan on going on a 8 week cycle that looks like this:

    Wk1: 1500mgs Sust250 (500mgs taken Sunday, Tues, Thur)
    Day 1: 200mgs Tren , then 100mgs ED thereafter

    Wk2-6: 100mg Tren ED

    Wk2-8: 750mgs Sust250 (Taken Sun, Tues, Thur)

    I will run LiquArim at.5mg EOD. Not quite sure yet but all suggestions are encouraged!! I will also run HCG in my cycle.

    2 1/2 weeks after my last Sust injection I will run clomid Day1:300mgs, Day2-9:100mgs, Day10-21:50 mgs. I will also add Vitex and Tribex 500.

    I will use some hair products to try and help with hair loss.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please help on this cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    bro thats a bad first cycle...Madmax

    1. your doses are to high..
    2. tren isn't goods for a first timer
    3. no need for hcg for an 8 week cycle
    4. you run clomid 3 weeks after last sust shot..

    try this cycle bro...

    test cyp or enathate 500mg (1-10)
    eq 400mg (1-10)
    winny 50mg ed (8-13)

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    Wow... Usually first timers go too low on the dose!

    What your planning is enough for your first 2 or 3 cycles!

    I like Max's plan... tho if you really want to run Sust, just use it instead of the enanthate and inject 250mg twice a week.

    And I HATE waiting for 2 or 3 weeks to start seeing results so I always try to run a fast acting steroid near the start of the cycle.

    Maybe consider the classic 40mg D-bol ED for the first 4 weeks on top of what max has suggested.

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    ya 1500 mg of sus the first week. Thats three times the suggested amount that most people go by on this board.

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