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    cytomel and using it mods vets plz look...

    Hi to all bros!
    Im planning to use t3 cytomel ,but confused about the dosages abit hence wrong usage can easily shut down the thyroid stuff.So I'm searching for the best and the safest dosages about it.All advices and comments are appreciated!!!!


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    blizzard there is a good thread from cycleon on how to run t-3 and taper it. I believe it is in the educational forum??
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    Bro, do a lot of searches before you start anything with T3, it is serious shit. But I will give you a few pointers. The taper up period isn't as important as the taper down period. A max dosage of 100mcg a day should be good, it can be taken once a day because it has a long half life, is still prefer mine twice a day, take on empty stomach. When you taper go in dosages of 25mcg. But on the taper down period go down to 12.5mcg per day for the last few days. Hope this aids in your research. BTW, when you figure out how long you are going to run it and the taper scheme please post it and we will critique it.


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