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Thread: T3 dosage

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    T3 dosage

    Just going to run my dosage by the forum and get some feed back

    21 day cycle, dosage in mcg's
    25,25,25,50,50,50,75,75,75,75,50,50,50,50,37.5,37. 5,25,25,25,12.5,12.5

    Not going to go to high since this is my first time using T3

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    Looks pretty good, I can tell you have researched. IMO I wouldn't tapper up for as long, it is not that important. My first time I ran a 5/45/55 (%'s) up/max/down tapper scheme and I went up to 100mcg for the max and ran it for 4 weeks, I am off of it now and I have not noticed any fat gains so my thyroid is back up and running fine. That is my .02, a lot of other bro's like that scheme also.


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