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    First cycle help

    For my first cycle Im planning on using sust 250mg/w and deca 200mg/w for 10 weeks. Im planning on it during or around summertime. I dont want to do any more that this as it is my first cycle so if anything I would like to go lighter. maybe even do sust only. post cycle I have clomid and nolva just in case.

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    Some people might tell you up your doses. Personally I had 2 friends run sus250 @ 250mg/week, they didn't know any better. Both gained about 15lbs. though

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    I'm not understanding your thread. You are asking for help but it doesn't seem like you will take any. I'm not trying to be smart. But if you are using sust then you will not be getting the full benefits of it. If you want to use test then use test enanthate . Instead of wasting the prop in the sust250... What are your goals for this cycle?? What are your stats??

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    Not to mention that the total free testosterone in 250mg of Sustanon would be close to some peoples endogenous levels. You are looking at 35mg per day released - minus the ester weights (then probably down to about 25mg of total free testosterone being released ED) and that's pretty frickin' minimal if not just enough to cause a placebo effect.

    Like calidude said, a single ester is better for small doses. Enanthate at 400mg per week would be a starting point for testosterone. But without stats no one can say for sure what would be good for you... age, weight, bodyfat, trianing history... all can be done by finishing your profile in the user cp.

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    there right, i think that sust has to be shot 3 days a week EOD to see the full benefits from it...thats my opinion if you only want 250mg a week DONT DO SUST!! stick with test enant. or sum cyp...

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