I purchased my first cycle ever and I am wondering a couple of things. First I (hope) got Dianabol 's by ** that are supposed to be 50 mg. I have heard of these on the street but there is nothing on the net about them. They are white and shaped like an asprin. If anyone has any info on these it would be gratefully appreciated. Also I purchased (again I hope) Pakistan Sustanon 250. The thing that worries me is that the guy said he re-packaged them in these eye-dropper looking containers for purposes having to do with John Q. Law, which is understandable. However there were floating objects in there and he reassured me that Pakistan Sus. has a preservative in it, does this sound familiar. It's repackaged in an eye-dropper with oriental writing and silicon lubricant on the label. I hope I am not shooting silicon in my ass. Again any input is appreciated.
Am I being paranoid?