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Thread: Dosages Help

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    Dosages Help

    Ok i have decided to start a cycle of fina/prop/winny. what i am asking is what does everyone recommend dosage wise? what needs to be done ed or eod and how much should i use at each dosage and for how long? I am 22 175lbs and about 6ft i work out 5 days a week with plenty of cardio and proper diet..Any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED thanks guys!!

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    Depending on what mg/ml your fina is I would run everything ED. 50mg ED of each gear but that is me. I would run the cycle for 8 weeks. If this is your first cycle it is kind of a rough one. Have a liver protectant, an anti-e on hand, and clomid for post cycle therapy .

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    is winny tabs or liquid? and do u mind ed shots?

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    fina should be 75mgs ED rotating injection sites. Most run between 100mgs to 500 mgs of their favorite test.

    Fina takes a while to build up in your system, so you wont typically feel anything for 2-3 weeks. So plan to run it atleast 8 weeks to get a good cycle out of it.

    Eat right and you will gain and lean up.
    Rickson gave good adivce also.

    Define your goals, plan your diet, then order your cycle.
    Oh and never ever start a cycle without buying everything first.

    that is an attitude i havent seen much lately but its needed in our lifestyle.

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