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    Thumbs up Cutting cycle for the HUGE!!!!!

    After doing research and getting input here is the cutting cycle I came up with. Let me know what you guys think. I don't mind if you disagree but if you do please give me a solution. What do you guys think about the dosages? Thanks for the input!

    Primo weeks 1-4 - 200-300-300-300
    Winstrol weeks 5-8 - 300-300-200-200
    Sust. 250 weeks 1-8 - 200 per week
    Clen weeks 2-3 & 5-6 - 2 tab per day - 5 tpd - 2 tpd - 4 tpd
    Clomid weeks 9-11 - 6 tpd - 2 tpd - 1tpd
    Liv 52 weeks 1-10 - 2 tpd

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    ok well i dont know much about clen so i will not give you advice on it, sorry but ...wait........ is this ur first cycle?....and personally 4 weeks of primo will do nothing and 3 weeks of winny will do nothing so enless you can get more gear DONT START UR CYCLE....thats my best advice..

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    You should run both the winny and primo longer than 4 weeks and bump your doses up a little and don't taper, up your sust dose to 500mg and divide your shots into 3 per week, run your clen at the end of your cycle 2 weeks on 2 weeks eca. JMO
    1-10 sust 500mg ew m/w/f
    1-10 primo 400mg ew
    8-13 winny 50mg ed
    clomid starting 2 days after last winny shot

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