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    Quick Taurine and clen Q

    Hey I ran a search but couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I know it says to take 3-5g of Taurine a day, but is that spread evenly throughout the day, like 1g when u wake up, 1g midday, and 1g before bed? Or do you take the taurine along with the clen ? Thanks in advance!

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    i would spread it out. The clen should be spread out anyways. If you are taking 5-6 (20 mcg tabs) a day for 100-120mcg then you will be taking 1 tab every 3 hours or 2 tabs every 8 or so on. So Taurine 1-1.5g every 8 hours would seem reasonable.

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    ??? I have ben taking mine with my post workout shake along with my multi-vits etc....??????

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