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Thread: Head Aches...

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    Head Aches...

    I was wondering how many of you on this board experience severe headaches, and those of you who do, what meds do you take (if any). Do you just take a general over the counter pain medication, or something like Maxalt(Rizatriptan).

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    You are dehydrated.

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    How sever are the headaches? If they are not cripling then a simple dose as Tylenol would do. I used to get terrible headaches from D-bol and Tylenol did the trick every time.

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    I say just drink some water and lie down. Personally I don't like to take too many pills. They are all man made, and you know how it all goes. We already take so much shit, like the steroids and the 17aa's etc...

    So if it's a mild headache, drink plenty of water and take a short nap, this usually works just as well as taking Advil/Tylenol. I find EVEN WITH taking a pill, the pain will still last for about 30-45 minutes, which is about the same amount of time it takes for it to go away.

    However, you do say severe, and it all depends on HOW severe it truly becomes. If you even sense that a TINY one is about to start, then try to deal with it. Don't let a small head ache turn into a big one. If they occur too regularly, and are VERY severe like those insane migranes people get sometimes, then it's a good idea to see a doctor just to double check and make sure everything is in check.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Well, this is really a good question.

    From my personal experience, I usually end up taking 2 tylenol sinus capsules with a good old Coca Cola. If that isn't a hillbilly treatment I don't know what is. I occasionally get these headaches that are borderline migraines, and that is the only thing that will alleviate the pain. I have tried everything including prescription medicine.

    Several years ago I had a Neuro surgeon that I worked with tell me to try this and low and behold it has worked ever since. Who knows!!

    Sometimes hillbilly medicine outperforms good old science.

    Doc M

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