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    is nolva needed during this cycle???

    hello guy's im running 400mg wk of EQ..for 6 weeks then adding winny and primo week 6 thru week 12 followed with liquid clen then clomid ..i have 2 bottles of nolva and 1btl of proviron ...i was told to start nolva week 2 and run it thru ..what do you think????

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    I think you will find this cycle to be very mild or at least lacking potential for estrogen accumulation via aromatization. The only drug which has a slight possibility for converting to estrogen in your stack is the EQ. But you will find that it should not be a problem because the potential to do so is very low. Neither primo nor winstrol convert. So normally in a cycle like this you would not need nolva. You may want to have it on hand because we know everyone is different. I don't know how succeptible you are to gyno (you may genetically/naturally have increased amounts of aromatase enzyme), but if you are, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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    Doubtful but erring on the side of caution is always wise.

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