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    Unhappy Stupid Deca Question...

    Stupid question I'm pretty sure I already have the anwser too, but still would like to know what some bros think...

    Ran Organon yellow-tops last cycle...

    Had 2 different batch numbers from 2 different sources... First half of the cycle I know the deca was legit because all my joint pain went away and I've used enough deca to know when it's working...

    Then a few weeks after starting to use the 2nd batch all my joint pain came back even though I was running 400mg/week...

    My gains still increased, but I was also running 750mg of ICN's

    So I'm thinking the 2nd batch was bunk shit!

    I love legit yellow-tops, but it's to hard to know for sure if it's legit or not... I compared my Deca to pics of legit vials and they looked 100% the same, but I know they had to be fakes...

    Next cycle I'm running QV Deca for sure...

    Anyone ever run into this situation before?

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    That's a hard one it sounds like it was real, ive had joint pain return while on deca before.

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