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    Question Is my leg Infected or am i just stressing

    Hey bros just got a phone call from my partner in crime saying his injection area is all red, it goes down his leg 5 inches not up, alittle swollen with alittle pain, what do you guys think?(imo)i think its a little irratated.
    EQ 200 at 2cc a week (it has a cobra on the front of the bottle)
    2nd shot sunday, now its tuesday.
    any help would be apprecated thanks muncy.

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    Hey bro, is it warm to the touch? If so its possibley an infection. Either way try putting some ice on it for as long as u can and see how it feels afterwards. Good luck!


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    Try hot compress for 20mins. on 20mins off. Rotate with cold after an hour or so. Take advil for the pain if it persistes go to the doc's. It may be infection or an abscess. Hope not!!!


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