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Thread: 1st Cycle help

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    Lightbulb 1st Cycle help

    I'm getting ready to start my 1st cycle. I'm looking to cut up and gain a little mass. In my job I can't let it be noticable. Is this a safe stack for that. I was going to try the following.

    decca 1 x 300 mg weekly 10 wks
    Test 1x 250 mg weekly 10 wks

    clenbuterol daily : 2,3,4, 5, 6, 6 x 2wks then use a hydroxycut w ephedrin x 2 wks and repeat the process with clenbuterol for 2wks.

    I was thinking maybe soem clomid and nolvadex would be needed in the mix or after the cycle as well.

    Am I messing something that could be something to help me out? Thanks for the ear!!

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    hummm,,, IMO you're running the TEST a little light. bump it up to around 400mg wk.

    and yes, get some clomid for post cycle

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    I would go with 400mg Eq ew instead of Deca . JMO

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    if gaining size that is too noticable is not desired then listen to ozzy and replace the deca with eq. if you take the eq you are going to pack on lean mass that won't be as noticable depending on your current bf % especially with the clen working to trim you down. just stay away from the deca as it will put on total mass that will definitely be noticable.

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