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    Question Which cycle should I do?

    I´m am going to be doing my second cycle in the near future. My goal is go gain a little bit more mass but mainly strength. I am 6´2", 185lb. I am thinking of either running Tren (1ml eod, alone) or 450mg of Norandren 200 (deca ) per week and 250mg sustanon per week for eight weeks with clomid therapy (for both cycles). Should I also be using Nolvadex and Proviron as well? Would a second cycle be too soon for Tren?

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    you need test with either cycle. fina and deca will both shut you down very hard. also, since tren is an acetate ester is shold be injected ED IMO. Also, deca is best run for at least 10 weeks. Nolvadex will help with gyno from test , but you will need bromo on hand for the tren and or deca, either way bromo is a must.

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