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    First time injection question for Deca

    I am about to start my first cycle of Deca .
    Week 1-3 200mg.
    Week 4-7 300mg.
    Week 8-10 200mg.
    I have 2 cc Greek Deca amps that are 100mg/1cc. For weeks 4-7 should I inject all 3 cc's one day or split the injection to 2 cc's one day and 1 cc a few days later. I have heard different opinions of injecting no more than 2 cc's at a time.
    This is my very first cycle. I am 30 years old, 5-11, 165lbs, I dont know my bf% but I am pretty lean.
    I have been told to stack with something for better gains but this my first time trying and I want to start off easy.
    Thanks guys for any advice.

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    do not stager your doses...and if i was you i would throw some test in there also bro....atleast a small amount, but more than the amopunt of deca you are planning to run...try want a simple cycle so this is it bro...

    test enathate 400mg (1-10)
    deca 300mg (1-10)

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