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    please help!!!!!! need your input

    just finished my bulking cycle
    1-10 of 750mg of sus
    1-10 of 600mg of deca
    1-3 of androl

    now my question
    i have tried taking clomid and novla for my post cycle and it worked great...
    but i want to add some hcg into this post cycle what is the right timing for it?? i was thinking about

    12-13 2500 iu's of hcg every 5 days
    13-16 clomid day1 300, day2-11 100, day12-22 50. also going to add 40mg's of nov every other day for those 3 weeks...

    does anyone else tried anything else that worked????

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    bro i wouldnt recomend runnin it post u should do it the lsat 2-3 weeks of your cycle ,.when u do it post it actually inibits test production .just stick to ur clomid,also if the cyckle was nt too heavy which wsnt or too long u really dont need it .

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    sorry....I didn't answer your question but I have a question myself.

    How was yoru cycle...I'm thinking of doing something very similiar...dosage wise and gear wise...maybe dbol /sust/eq/fina

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    This is how im going to run hcg in the future.

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