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    Creatine & Juce together?

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to find out if it’s a good idea for me to take some creatine during my cycle. Or should I take some after? Or not take it at all? And if I should take it what is the ideal dosage?

    Here are the stats:

    24 years old/6’1/200lbs/working out over 5 years with some breaks/my FIRST CYCLE.

    1 wk – Deca 200mg
    2 wk – Deca 300mg
    3-12 wk – Deca 400mg
    10-14 wk – Winstrol 50 mg ED

    Clomid therapy 3 days after last shot of winstrol.

    Here are the supplements that im taking right now. If anyone thinks that I should add/discontinue something on the list below please let me know. As always any help is greatly appreciated.

    Myoplex – 2 times a day
    Amino Acids (anabolic Amino 10,000 by healthy’n fit) – 3 times a day
    Glutamine – 1 time before bed (4.5 – 5 g.)
    FlexAnew (glucosamine and chondroitin) – 2 times a day

    Just recently learned that if im taking Glutamine I don’t need to take Amino Acids. Instead I should be taking BCAA (branch chain amino acids). Is that true? Also, I guess in the evening I need to take slow acting protein. What is a good slow acting protein out there?



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    Dude, you need to get your basics down and locked, before you start any gear.

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    Dude I'll help ya bro...some people on here just don't want to help but I'll give you what I know. First of all you can't run Deca alone. You should run some type of Test with it. Winny is good but I would do it towards the end of your cycle.Creatine...sure why not you can take it while your on the gear. First cycle I would do 500mg Test Cypionate ,400mg Deca,and D-bol 30mg ED. I would run this for 12 weeks also. I would look into steroids more if I were you but just give you and ideal cycle you got it. Also there are plenty of novice cycles on the website. Check them out also.

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    well, some of our opinions may differ on what constitutes basics, but i don't think this means he isn't ready. first, tapering the deca is a waste. start with 400 and stay there for the rest of the cycle. the winny looks in check now.

    as far as creatine during cycle, i like to only take the AS during cycle aside from protein so i can see gains from the juice and not anything else. i start creatine a few days out of my last shot so i can help retain strength gains while my body adjusts to not having any more gear fueling it.

    first, imo glutamine doesn't do shit.

    second, a slow acting protein will help provide fuel to your body while you sleep and help absorption level off more instead of spike. it really isn't necessary though imo because i have used regular whey shake before bed and it does the trick quite nicely.

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    I know I should have never tapered deca , but I didn’t know better and I thought that 12 weeks of 400mgs is a bit too much for the first time. I guess I was wrong. Anyways cant change that because I just past my second week.

    Its too late to do test now, but ill do it for my second cycle. Hopefully some of you bros will help me plan the next one better. In regards to creatine, I guess you are right, daem, it makes more sense to do it after the cycle.

    Thank you for your input guys.



    P.S. one of my boyz email me this yesterday. I think youll find it amusing

    How to tell if you're addicted to steroids .

    1. You carry around Dianabol in a tic tac container.
    2. The pitcher of 'kool aid' in the fridge is actually sugar, food colouring and reforvit.
    3. You go for a blood test and sustanon comes out.
    4. You baste the thanksgiving turkey with a 23guage, 1.5", 3cc syringe.
    5. You collect empty vials like most people do with empty liqour bottles.
    6. The mexican custom officers know you by name.
    7. Your mailman has put on 60lbs of muscle in the past year.
    8. You're the viagra poster boy, even though you've never used viagra.
    9. You married a veterinarian, even though she's 63years old.
    10. You get a second mortgage on the house for your next cycle.
    11. Your neutered dog is laughing at the size of YOUR balls.
    12. You get turned on listening to all the talk about Bush in the US presidential election.
    13. You use a syringe as a toothpick.
    14. You mix reforvit in with the plant food.
    15. You're an active member of over 20 steroid message boards.
    16. You doc goes to give you a flu shot and you drop your pants.
    17. You make a wind chime out of empty vials.
    18. Your nuts are the size of chic peas.
    19. You make lines of winny powder on the table and snort it.
    20. Ronnie Coleman thinks your cycles are crazy (no offence Ronnie...)
    21. Liver transplant at the age of 24.
    22. You have a custom made "amp rack"
    23. You can't help contracting your biceps to the rythm of the music in the car just to check out how good they look - even if you're the only one in the car!
    24. You can't help looking at your pets and wondering how much they'd improve if only you could give em a couple of shots... but then again forget it - can't waste any! let em get their own!!
    25. Your pee is anabolic
    26. Ever since you started juicing, Schering's stock has doubled
    27. You custom make primo amp earings for your girlfriend.
    28. You feel small at 5'7" / 260lbs
    29. You have 14 separate P.O. boxes
    30. You've had a hard-on for 2 and a half years
    31. You put reforvit in the ice cube tray instead of water
    32. You put your suppliers kids thru college with the money you've spend in the last year
    33. You quit your high paying job to become a customs officer
    34. You special order 15ml syringes.

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    I would not use creatine during a cycle. There is no published evidence that running it while on has any benefits.

    I agree with daem, you should start creatine as he has already stated.

    On the supps, I would throw in a multi vitamin as well.


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    I've searched and have found no documents that suggest creatine has a negative or (more) positive effect while on a cycle.

    I've been using Creatine during my cycle. But I'm gonna take a break from the Creatine for a couple of weeks then start it again after my cycle ends. This will hopefully offset the loss of strength after ending my cycle (much like daem's practice).

    I've read that some like to take a break from creatine every once in a while and that taking a break increases it's effectiveness. I have my doubts about such a claim.

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