I am on week 3 of a sus/deca cycle (250/200) every 4 days. I am growing like a weed and have been getting some strange looks. I will run the gear for another 5 weeks and then need some advice on finishing up. I have 21 shots of zambon winnie and tren . I am also running 25mg proviron and 10 nolvadex - i went away and missed these for 4 days and ended up coming home looking like a baloon (suffer bad water rentention).

I just need to know how to finish up with the winnie and tren. Bear in mind that I cannot get anymore.
I was thinking of just running them weeks 9-11 and then starting clomid therapy with 3 weeks clen .
Please bear in mind that this is my second cycle and I was a big natural - I am now 240 pounds at 5.10 with not much body fat.
I have read all the threads and they have been great - its just sometimes you have to make do with what you can get/afford - so for me it is:

sus/deca - 8 weeks
winnie/tren - 3 weeks

I am also going to do hcg (weeks 4&5 / 9/10)