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Thread: Scam question..

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    Scam question..

    Sorry to post this here, i cant figure out why i cant post in the scammer forum.

    Anyway, an person i am personaly associated with, but not realy a good friend, hooked me up with his so-called source. It is a web page with good prices. but i did a search and found the exact same pricelist on another site. The format of the entire site is identical just different name and contact info ect. Neither on on the known scammer list.
    But, is this a bad sign? why would somone make two websites for themselves? Maybe one is good and the other is a scammer that copied it, but the the copy is the exact same except for the pictures and backgrounds are different, but the HTML code is identical. What do you guys think.

    Does anyone use a source online that sounds like this?

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    Hmmm... I try to stay away from any source that works via a webpage.

    If you can't find it on any of the scammers lists, then your best bet is to enter a test order.

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    pm a mod and ask.

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    all .coms r a gamble my friend! Do urself a favor, be patient, do LLOOTTSS of searches on sites and ull see eventually that those .coms ur lookin at r not quite worth the risk. Thats about as much as u get from me, no source posting and this is the end of the line!

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    hey bro,
    the scammer forum is by mod post only. we made it this way in order to protect the brothers who are giving info, along with trying to keep the good suppliers off this list.
    pm a moderator with your info, they will run a check and make sure its a definite scammer situation. once all that checks out, the info will then be posted on the scammer board.

    peace bb79

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    sounds like my source which is in the proccess of building a new site.there was a nother site like it but different in ways like you described.anyways mine is a domestic source whom ive ordered 8 times from.2 in the last week.they even gave me 215$ credit and no shipping charge because last time they sent the wrong bottle of one cant find sources like that around.

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