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    Just out of curiousity??? Question about Dosages Vs. Weight.

    When one gives advise in regards to dosages in a cycle, I was just curious does height, weight, etc.. play a part into it? I mean, lets say 2 guys are going to do the same cycle...lets say EQ and Test eth....From most posts, one should do 400MG of each...

    Now, take one guy who weighs 255 and over 6 ft vs.
    a guy who is 5'9 185ish??? (my weights and heights might be off some, but you get the point)

    Does that make any sense????? (basically, should someone who is smaller be taking the same dosages as a larger person who obviously might need more to get gains...)

    And what if it's someone first cycle vs. someone who has done more than one? Does that play a role?

    Thanks bros!!!!!!!!

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    Usually it depends on goals you achieve on the cycle. Whether you are looking to bulk or cut down. If someone has run more than 3 cycles compared to a virgin, then the more experienced bro would go with a more complex cycle. Like higher doses than standard or longer than the usual 10-15 weeks. It really all depends on the person bro. Their age and goals..

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    I base it more on experience and goals as well but I would say if there were complete extremes such as a guy over 300lbs in comparison to a guy 140 lbs I might adjust slightly.

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