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Thread: gains stopped

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    Question gains stopped

    what the hell?
    I' m on the 6th week of my cycle.I went from 220 to 236 in the first month.Week 5, I had kidney pain,felt shitty and had a light week in the gym.I lost 5 lbs,and haven't put an ounce back on in a week and a half.
    Any suggestions?
    30 yrs old
    6'2 10% bf
    3500-5000 calories a day,200 grams of protien
    wk 1-4 25mg d-bol ed
    wk 1-10 400mg deca wk
    wk 1-10 500mg sustanon wk, split into 3 equal shots M W F
    my gear's real,diets pretty clean,first cycle in ten years,minimal cardio.

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    Brother the loss of weight was most probly due to the ending of d-bol. You probly lost good deal of water weight and now the gains have subsided but they will resume just give it time up your calories make sure your getting enough rest and taking in proper macronutritional ratio's for your postworkout meal

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    Just my personal experience, but i barely gained anything until week six then I gained 20 pounds in two weeks. Never gained anymore after that. Im not the most educated person with this but maybe you are having the same problem I did and the sust just hasn't started giving you any gains yet.

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    I agree with FKITLETSGO it was because you stopped the dbol and lost 5 lbs of water. Your gains will pick up more slowly but they will continue and solidify.

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    I personally don't think you are getting no where near enough protein. Deca requires alot of calories and protein to see the benefits. I do agree that you have probably just lost water weight but I would say you could see some better results if you up your protein to at least 350 - 400 grams a day and maybe up your calories some more. Gotta eat big to get big!

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