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    Lightbulb Sustanon 250mg + Arimidex, a cool mix ??

    Hello Friends.

    This is my first post, and since I've heard a lot of things about cycling, I want your opinion on my Cicle, that will be my first one.

    First, I heard, from a list in here, Brazil, that if you can use Arimidex with a cycle of Testosterone (mainly Sustenon 250mg, that has another brand name here, it's Durateston), you may have a kind of Super-Winstrol , because of Arimidex's aromatizing inhibit effects.

    But it's very hard ($$$) to buy it, since it would cost a lot.

    I am in doubt of using this mix, or using Sustenon 250mg with Deca and Winstrol.

    My objectives are clean and simple : Overcome my natural maximum barrier.

    I am 22, I train for 7 years, and I am having no significant gaining the last 6 months, even with super-low workout, and that is why I decided to go on steroids .

    What do you think ? Should I give Armidex a try, or should I forget it ?

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    let me try to answer that for you the best i can
    arimidex is used with a cycle to curve the side effects of estrogen and reduce water retension.
    sus or duratest is a good choice,mixed with deca gains would be even better. if you are worried about the sides of those aas or do not want water retension then arimidex is a would be good--if you dont care about water retension than dont do arimidex
    most people on the board would probably agree that if you can get it then do it to--but for use as a super winny,i've never heard that but i'm not saying thats its not possible

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    arimidex is an anti E

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