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    Increased calories?

    Hi bros. I am wondering how much you guys think I will have to increase my calories when I go on my first cycle. I am 5'9" 185 with about 10%bf now. I eat about 3300 calories daily now and this maintains my weight. I workout 4x per week and cardo 2x only (was doing more cardio buy couldn't keep weight on). When I go on my cycle am I going to have to increase my calories a ton? What kind of increase do you guys think would be necessary? Oh, I am thinking like a basic test, eq, d-bol, clomid type cycle for 12 weeks or so. I read a lot here about guys eating between 3000-4000 calories while on a cycle. I already eat in that range and was curious about any increase. Thanks for the help.

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    Up it 200-300cals per week until you start to notice fat gains. Then that is your limit.


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    Yup, as long as you eat clean you should be ok

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