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    Hairloss with 1-2 cycles of WINSTROL?

    I am 22 years old and have been training fairly consistantly for about 2 years and ive recently considered using an anabolic . I have started reading about the different types out on the market and Winstrol seems to be what I want to use.

    My main question is whether or not I should worry about hairloss if I use 1-2 cycles of Winstrol? Also, what are hte main differences between using the pill form rather than the traditional method?

    Also, any of you have any feedback on your results with this drug?

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    Hairloss is purely genetic...if you're pre-disposed to hairloss, then you can lose hair in the very first cycle.. As for the a search on winstrol , winnie and see what you come up with

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    It is said that winny promotes D.H.T (dyhydrotestosterone) the leading cause of hair loss.


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    Like majorpecs said, it's all genetics. Lucky me I started losing my hair at 16 I didn't have to worry about steroids giving me that problem. If you are VERY worried about hair loss, and know you are prone to it, stay away from juice. There have been some VERY good threads about this. Do a search for "hair loss" and i'm pretty sure some good threads will come up. Search botton is at the top right of your AR screen.

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