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    how long to wait after cycle?

    I just got done with my first cycle of Testosterone Enantate QV 250. I didnt get good results cause it made me real sick for like 3 weeks straight. I am not looking at doing another cycle and just want to know how long do I need to wait to let my body come back down to normal. Also, do any of yall know about Deca 300 cause thats what I am thinking about taking. I will run 1cc a week which I'm sure is 300mg a week for 10 weeks. Let me know what yall think. Thanks

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    time on = time off bro. As far as the deca goes- you are gonna get mixed answers here. I did 300 a week for 8 weeks and gained 20 pounds of solid muscle. Other guys here may think it sucks because they didn't get the same thing from it.

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    be careful of deca dick

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    Are you alread off your clomid therepy, if so your levels should be back to normal soon. Time on = time off.

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