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    Question I need some advise/info...I am new to all of this

    Hey, I am new to all of this. I play hockey for the u of A and i am looking to cut down on fat and increase size, strength and speed. I have talked to some friends who have cycled before, but i would like to get some other opinions on what i can do. I just ordered Finiplix and I have a cycle of Mastobolan, and 1 cycle of Testosterone 200. I would just like to know what other people reccomend. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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    dont give us to much info about yourself eh!

    remmondations, for bulking, test as a base min. 400mgs/week, deca /eq to stack, and depending. winstrol or dbol as an oral. dbol more for size, winstrol for cutting. and clomid at the end!

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    Hey i got a Q.... Im new to this as well i just started using Sustanon 250
    im on my 4th wk i shoot 1cc every 5-6 days... When i strain when i
    workout i get these really bad headaches.... It feels like i can feel the blood pumping in my head... Sometimes its so bad i have to sit down it makes my eyes blurry.... I was wondering what i should do ??????
    Any help would be greatly apprecitatied...... Thanx

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    for starters

    check your blood pressure.

    and caps,what exactly does "i have a cycleof test200"mean?how about an actual quantity in ml's

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    Hey! What kind of team does U of A have. I was seriously thinking about going there and trying out for their team. But out of state tution was pretty high. Anyway, how much finiplix, mastobolan( is that a prohormone) and t2 do you have? I did a cycle of winny 50mg EOD for 40 days and increased my stamina, and strength. I loved it. Anyway Ill be happy to help you out with what I know. But there are tons of great bros on here that will do the same....GOOD LUCK

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