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    winny end of cycle???? please read!!!

    Hey guys... currently running this cycle:
    1-4 dbol 30mged
    1-10 test 500mg
    1-6 deca 200mg
    8-10 winny 50 mg eod

    Just about to start week 7 and so far i am 21 lbs up and diet and traiing are very good.
    My question is this..
    I have run dbol and test before and this is my first cycel with deca... at no time have i experianced any hair loss. I have heard that winny is kinda harsh on the hair, given that i have used these other androgens before and experienced no sides with regards to hair line can anyone hazard a guess as to how tolerable i will be to winny????
    Secondly... Is this dose of 50mg eod winny for 10 weeks ok? What sorta gains weight or otherwise can i expect to see??

    Thanks for your help guys!


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    I wouldn't run winny for 10 weeks. You have in your cycle layout that your only running it for 2 weeks (8-10). You should run it for 4 weeks @ 50mgs ed. It'll help in retaining your gains plus it will harden and rip you up providing your diet is in check, and if you have low bf to begin with.
    As far as hairloss goes: Yeah winny is hard on the hairline w/ most ppl. That doesn't mean it will effect you, but if your prone to hairloss then winny will speed up the process in most cases.
    You'll never know till you try.
    Do you have clomid for post cycle?

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    Thanks for the reply... im gonan run the winny for 3 weeks not 10...
    Yes i have plenty of clomid for post cycle thanks!
    Anyone else have something else to say?


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    3 weeks is to short. 4 would be good 5 would be better. Good luck..

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