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    letrozole/femera for stoping and or preventing gyno?

    can femera be used to prevent gyno? how about gyno that is already there? ill be running 1.25mg eod. im using enan, eq, winny, prop and dbols

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    Femera can be used to stop the conversion of most AAS to estrodiol which is a major contributor to gyno. I think you are better off using nolvadex to try and reduce gyno symptoms that have already manifested.

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    I'm taking 1.25mg/ED of letrozole , which is the generic version of femara, in my current cycle. Not only is it a great anti-e, but has been found to increase IGF-1 hormonal levels. IGF-1 is released via the liver and has insulin like properties. We all know how anabolic insulin can be.

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