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    dbol,winny,and primo

    alright boys i know ur not suppose to run dbol and winny together but what if my cycle was laid out like this:

    wks 1-4 :30mg dbol ed
    wks 3-11 : 100mg of primo
    wks 10-14: 50mg of winny ed

    i mean ill be on winny well after the dbol so i figure it will be good. i know that that is a low dose of primo but i will be running it whent he dbol is already in ym system. so lemme know if this sounds good, or if there is any way to adjust it. thanks guys

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    100mg of primo is useless in my opinion. Run some test weeks 1-12 at 400 mg a week and I think it will be fine.

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    use atleast 400mg/week of primo

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