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    You don't need to know

    What should I do ?

    I'm going to be starting this cycle in a couple of weeks.........
    Wks 1-4 d-bol 25mg ed
    wks 1-10 Eq 400mg ew
    wks 1-10 Sus 500mg ew
    Anavar or winny wks 7-13 40/50mg ed
    Clomid day after last tab 300/100/50

    But I'm going to run the winny at the end instead of anavar. I'm going to save it for a cutting cycle , but I have no idea what to add to the anavar for a cutting cycle. I never did T3 or clen before and I am clueless when it comes to this stuff. Would I be able to run my cutting cycle a month after I end this up coming cycle and I'm done clomid therapy? As I said....I have no idea about T3 or clen and I have somewhat of an idea how to run it but need some help. What would you guys recommend as a cutting cycle to trim down after the cycle above? Thanks

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    When you run your clomid therepy you need to do it 3 weeks after your last sust shot. Same with the EQ.

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    You need to take the same time off as you always do between cycles if you are going to use AAS with the T3 and clen .

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