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    Post Gear roid rage?

    I never had a problem with my temper b4 and while i was on AAS,but since i have been off i have a really short fuse and i dont know why anyone have this??

    I am on clomid right now too if that makes a diff.DO u guys ever get puffiness around the yes with clomid??Almost like a black eye?

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    Not sure - move a lot.
    Clomid is typical for causing serious emotional sides...depression, short fuse, etc... but from most of what I've read bro's typically are depressed while on this phase of their cycle...

    Just take deep breaths, keep hitting the gym and remember - it'll pass.

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    Yeah I have this really bad! When I was on cycle I was fine no rage now since I am off I have had a bad temper, emotional problems and think I can kill anyone who crosses me, it is really bad and I hate it if any one has advice how to help this out please post

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    I have always been in a worse mood off cycle then on. Your body likes test and is not happy on the hormone rollercoaster you are taking it on right now.

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