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Thread: Trip to Mexico

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    Trip to Mexico

    This spring break Im headed down to Mexico with a few bros for the first time (San Filepe). Being a good bodybuilder that I am, I figured I could pick up a couple things while Im down there. I have a few questions that would be great if they could be answered.

    Im going with all QV products(5x10ml enath, 5x10ml bold) but I was thinking of getting some of thier stanz. Anyone know the going price in mexico?

    I take it they do sell Nolv and clomid in Mexico, but do they sell arimidex ?? I figured any info on these 3 anti-E's in Mexico would be great.

    Also I was very curious on some tricks of the trade to get this stuff back. Were going in a 97 4Runner so I have some room to work with, But I really am turned off by the idea of getting caught with steroids at customs. Any great ideas or help would be great

    PM ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP. having general information like this open on a forum wouldnt be the greatest idea.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Don't know for sure, but you'd probably get better prices in Mexicali.


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