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    Hair Remoal Product???

    Hey whats up? I have tried to shave (too much razor burn and only last a few days). I have tried nair for men (DOESN"T work for me at least). I have also gone to a salon for wax (Way too much razor burn but doesnt last along time) I cant seem to find something that works all that well. I was interested in what y ou guys use and if it works good. PLease listthe products you tend to think work the best.

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    A Wahl Peanut clipper, see for details, run a yahoo search to find a good deal (I get mine at, around $33 on sale, $45 usual price. It's small, and gets down dab near close as a razor but without the razor nicks and burns.
    You could try some of the cheap clippers like what they have at Wal-Mart, but they won't get quite as close.

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    man I just use a razor.... Hell I dont even use shaving cream.. Just use lotion after shaving.. That may help

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    bump...also interested

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    yeah I use one of those walmart clippers for my chest, it gets it pretty close never had to much problem with, my dilema now is whether or not to shave my legs and arms this summer, what do you guys think?

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    Last time i shaved with my chest with my Mach III. This time I used my girlfriends Immac (Veet) cream. Works ok but stings a little afterwards.

    Here's a tip. Buy some antiseptic wipes - they're usually really cheap and wipe the shaved area after each shower to help prevent shaving rash and spots.

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    fuck normal nair is by far the best, i am one hairy fucker that stuff is perfect just put it on and within minutes wipe it off and im bare, best one i have tried i get the one with baby oil or something else in it but they all worked ok for me


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    Man get some tweezers and pluck them hairs out. Pain dont worry about it.

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    for the razor burns go get a product called bikini zone it works wonders, I had the same problem and now I have no problem with the razor. Your other choice would be to go to a lazer clinic and have them remove your hair by way of lazer, which can be expensive but it is forever

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    take a shower- that opens your pores and makes the hair soft..... use shaving cream...use a new razor. shave it. Rinse with cold to close pores. aPply after shave. If you do that you will not get razor burn. I feel like a lot of guys have no clue about stuff like this.... I mean- I hear a lot of questions like- how do you stop acne? Everyone is quick to say accutane...but I wonder if the guy is washing his face with neutrogena facial soap 3x a day....every other night using a scrub...Moisturizing? I mean- I have a feeling lots of guys use the same soap on their face that they use on their bodies once a day then wonder why they break out. You also need to change your sheets/pillow case 1x a week.

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