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    First Cycle Recovery

    Hey guys, just wanted to check in during my final two weeks of my cycle. I was running a dbol /eq/sus cycle for ten weeks. Did 25mg of dbol weeks 1-4, 500mg/w of sus, and 400mg/w of EQ. I'm 5'9", i started the cycle at 168, I'm now up to 195 with two weeks left. I"m not too sure about bf%, but my six pack is still showing so I'm not too worried. I'll post some picks at the end of my cycle. Anyway, I just had a few questions about recovery that I wanted to ask. First, I'll be running clomid three weeks after my last shot. I was planning on 200mg my first day, 100mg/d for my first week, and 50mg/d for my 2nd and 3rd week. Second, I still have liquidex left from my cycle as well. Should I continue to use it for the three weeks inbetween my last shot and the beginning of clomid? Third, I know for the recovery stage, one should decrease volume and intensity of workouts. I was working out Sun,Mon,Tues,Thurs, Friday and hitting each muscle once a week. I did 15 sets of 6-10, for bis and tris i did 9 sets of each. How exactly should I alter my workout? I remember reading that sets of 4-5 were best for increasing natural testosterone . Should I do 12 sets of 4-5 reps or something like that? Fourth, I was also gonna step my calories down from 5000 to 4000 a day, keeping the 40/40/20 ratio. Any ideas there? Thanks guys.

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    hey bro,
    run your clomid this way:

    300mg day 1
    100mg days 2-11
    50mg days 12-21
    definitely run your liquidex up to and throughout your clomid therapy. dont come off until your clomid is finished. you want as little estrogen rebound as possible until your natural test levels are starting to come back.
    as for the lifting questions.....i'll defer to some one more knowledgable on this subject.

    peace bb79

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    I usually drop my intensity slightly when coming off to avoid becoming catabolic. Often I will go to working out three days a week working major muscle groups. I wouldn't cut calories too much and make sure protein stays high. Get plenty of rest and sleep. I don't do any cardio during this recovery period. It usually last 3-5 weeks before I start to get back to my normal workout routine and cardio. Everyone is a little different so you may have to play with what works for you.

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