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    need help with cutting cycle

    nearest contest i will do would be the middle of june 12 weeks .need opinions on what to use with what i you go
    100 d bols
    finaplix cartridge (only gonna do it dmso)
    4 weeks worth of winnie and primobolan
    what cycles to take

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    I would suggest getting some Prop, turning the Fina into injectable, dropping the Dbol . Prop/Fina/Winny/Primo will be a pretty crazy cutting cycle. I would even drop the primo maybe and save it for some other time. You will get great results with Prop/Fina/Winny.


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    your gear selstcion bout half blows bro for cutting ,i wouldnt use dbol fo obvious reasons ,the fina i would definatelk inject dmso sucks big tikme,and the primo is good and the winny id run it longer .id get more fna a 4 kit definately stack with prop ,use the primo at 400 week ,winny and perhaps var ,clena dn t3 aswell in tehre
    1-10 400 primo
    1-12 100 mg prop eod
    1-6 50 mg var
    7-12 76 fina ed
    7-12 50 mg ed winny !that what my summer cycle look like but i used eq insted of primo

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