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Thread: first cycle

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    first cycle

    alright guys ive been posting questions about cycles for a while now and i think its time to make a choice. whatever my cycle is i want to use 2 things and one of them is winny. now my other options are primo and omnadren . im 5"11" 185-190 and about 18% bf. my goals are breaking the 200 pounds barrier and getting cut. please guys help me out

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    why not a little eq?

    that's a solid combo to get 10-15 keepable lbs w/the winny

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    Why are you wanting to use winny so much?

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    First make sure your Primo is real....80% of it thats out is fake. Fakes are so good now that even your source won't know.

    If you choose to go w/ Omnadren 250 they are best injected EOD and if you are not planning on doing that I would go w/ Test Enathate.
    Since you want to use Winny so bad I would do it like this.

    1-10 500mg Test
    8-13 50mg ED Winny

    But if you would have some EQ that would be better.

    1-10 500mg Test
    1-10 400mg EQ
    8-13 50mg ED Winny
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