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    D-bol and Anadrol

    I’ve been thinking on the use of d-bol and anadrol . Most cycles you see posted use either one or the other. Typically, d-bol is run anywhere from 25-40mg/day and anadrol is usually 50mg/day. But what has caught my attention, and totally by accident may I say, is that the two are never run together. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen on some boards where hypothetical cycles are posted that anadrol is run for weeks 1-4 and d-bol 5-8 but for those of us who worry about liver toxicity issues, 8 weeks while on any 17aa is too long. So keeping in mind we are discussing cycles that most of us HERE approve of, 1-4 weeks with an oral is optimal, 1-6 is acceptable.

    What started me thinking of using these compounds together is the fact that those of us with numerous cycles under our belts choose to use close to or over a gram/week of AAS. However, the interesting, yet very common, aspect of this is that it is never just one particular type of AAS. Whether it is test-enth/Deca , or test-prop/fina/EQ, or EQ/Winnie, there is always more than just one compound while running a cycle that gets the “thumbs up” on the message boards.

    Most believe (as I do) that test should be the base of any cycle. But why not just run 1gm/week of test instead of 600mg test and/or 450mg fina and/or 400mg EQ/week? Though they are classified as Type 1 steroids that bind well to the receptors, they each have their own unique effect on the body. For example, even though fina and EQ have similar effects the two compounds are noticeably different, which promotes them to be used in conjunction with one another. But again, would it better to use 850gm/week of EQ, 850gm/week of Fina, or the 400/450 split? From what most of us have seen others doing as well as our own preferences, I believe the majority would go with the 400/450 split.

    So this leads me to my initial thought on this thread; d-bol and anadrol. Though we see many injectables being used in synergy with one another, very rarely, if ever, do we see orals being used in the same manner. Most use either d-bol or anadrol to kick start their cycles. As I stated above most opt for weeks 1-4 for oral use, some choose weeks 1-6. In either case, most users do notice weight gain (primarily due to increased cell volume via water) and strength gain. These effects are dose and individual tolerance dependent, of course. Some react better to one compared to the other, yet few claim that neither works for them.

    As with the examples of injectables usage, test/fina/deca/EQ/Winnie/etc… in conjunction, why not d-bol and anadrol? Though these two compounds may both be classified as Type II steroids, they are also quite different from one another. So just because they are both orals, both 17aa, does that mean that their respective effects on the body are exactly the same??? I think not.

    For anyone who has taken both, think about how you felt mentally while on each. Anadrol usually makes me very aggressive and gives me that push in the gym. D-bol normally gives me that “feel good” attitude and even though I am killing the weights in the gym, I don’t feel like killing anyone else J So one keeps me upbeat all day long while the other makes me aggressive to the point where I am conscious to keep it under control. Whether both offer quite strength and weight gain, they are two totally different substances.

    So why not cut the dosages down of each, as in the injectables, and take the two in conjunction with one another, as in the injectables??? Instead of d-bol 35-40mg/day try 20mg/day and add in anadrol 25mg/day in place of the usual 50mg/day. Could it be the best of both worlds or would we just be reducing overall yield if we were to use just one at the normal dosage?

    If anyone has used both together please give your feedback. I am going to try this combination to see if it has any merit. Anyone who chooses to do the same please post your thoughts and result.

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    personally i would go with just dbol , i never really liked anadrol .

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