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    Question about injecting in the top of my thighs...

    I'm about to do my 3rd injection. I injected 2 times in the top part of the ass. the 2nd one a litle bit of blood came out...I believe thats normal.... but I have no pain what so ever. But, after reading posts, I guess a 1" needle is OK for the ass, but I want to make sure I'm really hitting the muscle instead of just fat.....I feel i'm to high up (I'm injecting basically where my ass crack starts but obviously to the left of it...)

    Question 1. Is a 1" needle or 1 1/2 inch needle long enough to hit the sciatic nerve? has anyone ever hit it?

    2. I have no pain injecting in my ass and was wondering if there is any pain injecting in the thigh area.....Can I do the upper part of the thigh?

    I want to try something new...



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    This is where u should be injecting if your going in the glute.
    If you have low bodyfat then yeah a 1inch needle is fine, but the deeper in the muscle the better so I always recomend a 1 and a half inch pin.
    As far as injecting in the top part of the thigh I really can't help you cuz i never tried it. Seems like it would hurt some, but it's a muscle so I don't see why you couldn't do it.
    Check this site for other injection spots.

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    Steroids are bad ummkay?
    thigh hurts more than ass, but its very bearable and you can use both hands which makes it my favorite spot. its easy.

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    I've injected prop in my thigh. It hurt like hell for about a week. I will stick to the glutes. Always use a 1.5 inch needle for the glute.

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    I always to quad shots.

    the best "sweet spot" is:

    take your thumb, and tuck into your front pocket like your relaxing with the rest of your hand hanging out. where your middle finger is the sweet spot!


    In my experiences, the higher up on the thigh, the more painful, middle area seemed to work best. shoot in the side rather then on top.

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