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Thread: Water retension

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    Water retension

    Im on cycle 250mg sust 3xweek with 100mg deca 3x a week. Im carrying too much water. I want to be hard but im scared that nolvadex will hinder my gains, i dont do much cardio. Does anyone think a treadmill will cut me up more? I know that sust causes water retension but ive got abit too much. Im trying to eat clean. Does anyone recomend lasix? (diuretic)

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    If you want to be hard you do cardio! I wouldnt use a diuretic if i wasnt preparing for a contest. Use liq or Arimidex to help for the bloat.

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    Try lowering your carbs a little, that will help somewhat. But don't be worried about anti e's they won't hinder your gains that much.


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    bro, its likely a diet problem. like already mentioned you may be taking in too many carbs or maybe too many "unclean" carbs. make sure only to take in low GI carbs expect for before and after training. sust is a bloat much water are you taking in? you might not be drinking enough. look into these factors before using anti-e's but like already mentioned, they dont hinder gains too much so if you have to use them.........dont worry.

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