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Thread: What If

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    What If

    ok fellas WHAT IF this was going to be my first cycle here are my stats 23 5'7" 145 12%bf been lifting a good 2 1/2 yrs. my diet now is cal=2372 carb=140g pro=280g fat= 29regwflax64g all clean food my diet is posted in a past thread. Now i know all you guys are going to say EAT and youll grow i know but WHAT IF. WHAT IF i had my mind set on this cycle it wont start for about a month im going to try to add as much weight as i can. So here is what i think would be good one I do use the search key
    but WHaT IF i needed help.....

    500mg 1x8wk should i eod
    300mg 1x8wk (this is at 1.5 per bd weight)

    post clomid therapy 300/150/50
    start clen with clomid

    WHAT IF i have the gear already
    if i had 12 N/H deca nan 2ml 200mg & 16 dura 1ml 250 mg
    30 50mg clomid tb & 100 .02 clen tb WHAT IF my source had no nolva but i thought i heard that with deca sust there is no need it dont work anyway. What should i up my diet intake to ?? please help guys i want to do it as right as possible oh yeah WHAT IF

    Let me know............

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    Eight weeks isn't long enough. Yes you need Nolvadex or some anti-e to counteract the test.

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    What if you got more than 2300 calories? what if you got more that 140 carbs a day? Are you trying to gain weight right now? Try some weight gainer or something to get you in more calories, try to get about at least 3500-4000 calories a day and see what happens. You should get alot more carbs than your body weight.

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    agreed, calories, not to mention quality caloires are elementary (complex cars, poly/mono fats, and of course animal protein)...and 8 weeks is definately too short...imo...but im biased, i like year round cycles. =P

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