A quick questions for u guys. I have gear from a while ago and plan on using it for a boost in my workout routine. It is some norandren 200, half a 50ml bottle and d-bol, 25 mg tabs. I'm 24, 6'3, 211lbs. and have been working out consistently for about 4 years. I've done previous cycles in the same realm of gear. My only problem is i have no clomid for the ending of my cycle and i don't really feel like searching for a person to get it from. I decided to use this gear up to elevate my workouts a little and thats it. So now to my question, I've seen ads for clomex by gaspari nutrition which is relatively close to clomid from what i've heard. Is it a safe bet to use that at the end of my cycle or am i putting my faith in a product that i shouldn't. If anyone knows or uses it your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.