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Thread: please help..

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    please help..

    my boy in around 6'1 or 6'2 around 274 he started taking fina he is now 262lbs so the fina is working and he is showing alot more muscle. what should be he next cycle too really get rid of fat and show the muscle.. He really is trying to get ripped for summer his bf is pretty high..

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    His next cycle should be cardio and diet!!! His next cycle should be something like Prop/Fina or Winny (or both)


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    so prop/ fina / winny what doses???

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    sounds like a beast in the works, just give him a good 10 weeks of Winstrol and Clenbuterol and see if he can shed some fat. The go ahead with a good Test/Deca stack,...ask Pain he knows what's up

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