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    Question need help with cutting cycle..i have ...

    hello gentlemen ,

    i need advise on how to cycle my gear ....

    2 btl-200mg eq-10cc-each
    1btl-200mg cyp-10 cc
    1-30cc trenbolone
    24 winny amps
    i have nolva and 36 clomids ..liquid clen

    i need to know best way to cycle it ....i was thinking of doing one shot of test a week ,to keep levels up .i am 5"10 180lbs -10-12 %bf
    i know the cyp is not recomended for cutting ,will it have much effect?
    should i run everything together or space it out for best results ...

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    hey bro, your going to need more winny, fina and cyp to run a decent cycle....what is your cycle history.....Madmax...

    fina 75mg ed (5-13)
    cyp 500mg (1-10)
    eq 400mg (1-10)
    winny 50mg ed (8-13)

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    If its your first cycle i dont think you need all that much more gear. All you really need is some more test.
    1-10cyp 400mg week
    1-10EQ 400mg week
    fina 6-13 75mg EOD
    winny 9-13 winny 50mg EOD

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