I have got my hands on some Androtardyl. I just started my cicle today and started it off with 2ml off Spectriol (almost same shit as Ganabol-Boldebol-H) ------- I know some differences in the mixtures but they all work almost the same ( I have used them all)

Now I was planning to take only sust250 with this and maybe some Dinanabol at the end but I came across some Androtardyl. I looked the shit up and I believe that its the same thing as Testoviron . Just another brand name because its from France.
I got the SCHERING manifact.
Now I have done a bit of Testoviron in the past and I dont like the shit at all. I rather have sust250 because I believe that Testoviron on its self is a long working testo and styas in the bosy too long ( witch if you look at it in one way isn't that good as it may seem)
I did have some problems a year ago when I didi a cylce of testoviron for 14 weeks and up to 2-3 a week at he end. The problem I had was with my dick. I had some problems with it that got me eal worried back then ( you all must have some memories that you can share on this subject) :-)
So the the thing is IS THIS Androtardyl Just another name for Testoviron and does anyone have any experience with it????
And if it is the same shit can anyone advice me one it ( I know I'll look testoviron up in the search ok) but feel free to give me any advice.