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    Help with Cutting cycle??

    hello, i need some serious help with a cutting cylcle....
    I'am 21 years old 5'8, 200 pounds and about 17% bf,
    I've done 1 cylce b4, and it was Winstrol /Decca for about 8 weeks.
    My workouts consist of 5-6 days a week, with cardio 4-5x a week, 30-60 min a day. I eat pretty well, 3-4 meals a day, very low carbs with high protein and moderate fat....

    right now, i have in my hands,
    2 10cc bottles of QV- Eq
    2 bottles of Qv- Prop
    40 cc's of winstrol (zambons)
    2 10cc bottles of Cyp

    out of this stuff, will i be able to run a good cutting cycle??
    Can Anyone give me a good way to run this cylce?
    Should I add more or get rid of any of it??
    Should I add anything for post cycle??

    I appriciate any comments or suggestions, Thank you!!

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    is the prop 50 or 100mg?

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    1-3 prop 100mg EOD
    1-10 cyp 400 mg a week
    1-10 EQ 400 mg a week
    7-13 winny 50 mg ED
    10-13 prop 100mg EOD

    The prop you will only be able to run for 20 days (not a full three weeks)
    and the winny for 40 days (not a full 6 weeks). Start Clomid two days after last prop shot. You have to have clomid for Post cycle.

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    its 100 mg
    Does that look like a decent cutting cycle ?

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