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    last 6 injects of fina/prop

    whats up current cycle of prop/fina ED for 8 weeks is coming to an end very shortly and i was wondering if anyone would recommend doing high intensity cardio on all the days i have left to drop another 1% of body fat.

    i try to do high intensity 3 times a week with the other being low intensity on the days i lift.

    i've seen some great strength gains and added around 19 lbs to my frame from this cycle to get up to 229, so i am satisfied but want to tighten up a bit.

    if i were to do high intensity cardio while maintaining the same 3000+ calorie diet will this encourage keeping my anti-catabolic state, or am i doing more harm then good if i go 6 days in a row? the help is always appreciated.

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    this is jmo......

    i think 6 days in a row is too much, period. i tend to believe that excess cardio WILL throw you into a catabolic state. if you want to kick it up some increase the sessions you're doing now. dont add extra ones.
    all i base this on is personal experience. i can definitely tell when i'm overdoing the cardio, and it dosent seem to matter if im on or off cycle either.
    hope this helps some........

    peace bb79

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