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    Flat after posing?

    Sorry to post to this site, but not many replies on the other competetive bodybuilding ones, and everyone on here seems to know what they are talking about, so every little bit helps..

    I'm getting ready for a competition in 3 weeks.
    I find after 10 minutes of hard posing, I look really flat and what vascularity I have disappears. What is causing this, and what can I do to make sure it doesn't happen on stage?

    I should mention I always pose after my workout so may be a little carb depleted at that time.

    I weigh 235, 6', and I'm taking in 400g carbs per day, 240 pro , and little to no fat. All oatmeal and sweet potatoes low glycemic carbs. And mainly boiled chicken for proteins.

    Any reply appreciated...

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    sounds like muscle glcogen is depleated when u pose, mikexxl is the contest guru u might want to contact him. from my comp exp. i tightend up the most the last few days. i wouldn't wig yet keep working hard and good luck

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    you are far enough away that you can experiment with your carbs ...double your carb portions for a couple days and see what happens my opinion you are too depleted 2 cents

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