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    Low dosing Fina??

    Hey guys, I've been out for a really lazy in the last 2 months, but it is good to be back.

    I am shedding some extra bf that i tacked on recently and was thinking about using a little fina in a couple of weeks. In my last cycle, I was doing up to 115mg ED and the more I used the worse the sides got(acne mostly). This time around I have to be real careful about gaining weight quickly.....I promised my girl I wouldn't do any more juice and if I start gaining quickly again, she will know. I was thinking about running it like this, it is really unorthodox, but I have a theory:

    wk1-2: 37.5mg ED
    wk3-4: 37.5mg EOD
    wk5-7: 37.5mg Every 3rd day
    wk8-10: 37.5mg Once a week
    wk11-12: 18.75 Once a week

    I was thinking that this is a low enough dose to put on 5-10lbs and help me finish that last bit of cutting without drawing attention or giving me the sides that I got last time. I also CRASHED after my last cycle, even with Clomid.....lost 20 lbs of the 35 that I gained. I was thinking with less gain, and the tapering of dosage, my natural test should come back sooner and I won't crash like last time.

    Do you guys think this is worth the $70 bucks that it will cost me for a 2g kit and fina cart?

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    115mg ED is way more than you need in my opinion and never should have increased it if the sides were getting worse.

    Have you ran 75mgs ed or 150 mgs EOD? most find that the only sides that appear are maybe some useless sleep at times and some agression.

    SInce you get a crash from fina, i would suggest adding test and prevent the problem. Makes a nice cycle and things would be smooth.. or atleast are for me.

    hope something helps

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    i ran 75mg ED for the first 7 weeks and when the gains started to slow, i bumped it up to 115...112.5 actually. That is when the sides started showing up bad.

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    my buddy ran 75mgs EOD and thats it, and god pretty good results

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    i am running 75mg of trembolone acetate eod with 50mg of test suspension ed and 50mg d-bol ed also and have been doing so for 2 full weeks and have just started to notice the strenght gains and about 11lbs of water from the d-bol. you should definetly run it with test to reduce the sides and the crash, also don't lie to your girlfriend you'll end up all alone out on the curb once she finds out, cause women allways find out somehow. trust me i lied about it once and not only did i get dumped on my ass she flushed all mt gear down the shitter. just a heads up though.

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